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Rob Corsetti

Rob Corsetti

Farmington, UT


I create because the very act keeps me alive, it is what awakens my soul, inspires me to make the world a better place it brings me closer to my Creator. I am involved in many forms of visual communication, bringing ideas to life communicating to others. Originally trained as a graphic designer back when it was called commercial art, I love creating a brochure or logo as much as I do a painting. Both are designed to capturing the audiences’ attention, tell a story, provoke emotions, and excite the viewer into action, cut through the clutter and get noticed. Art needs to resonate with its audience, people will remember places and scenes that they connect with, and this connection comes from how they feel.

I work with my hands, heart, and mind to motivate and inspire those around me to be successful and believe in the possibility to achieve something great. Hard work, enthusiasm, dependability, and dedication are values that bring people together and create success.
Ideas are my stock and trade. Energy and insight create the catalyst for communication.
This is the process of Breaking Through.

It was in the corporate world that I earned attention through my work on logos, marketing campaigns, packaging and exhibit designs, as well as illustrating books, novel-jackets and commissioned fine art for national and international accounts.
I enjoy commissioned work because it pushes me to try new things, new styles and it is exciting and challenging to bring someone else’s vision to life. I work in a diverse range of mediums, sculpture, chalks, watercolor, acrylic, and oils as well as digital depending on what the vision is. My choice of subject matter is diverse ranging from wildlife, and landscapes to still lifes and portraits. My process is probably like most artist, to have an idea, sketch it out, compose it, re-sketch it, and then start throwing paint until it is right or you just can’t work on it anymore.
Art is supposed to uplift and give people new experiences. I find it very rewarding to create art that is enjoyed by others. It is made to be shared.

Thanks for your consideration and review.

P.S Please do not hesitate to reach out. We can talk about work, art, life, ideas or a commission call at 801 698-4469

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Fly Fishing Renegade by Rob Corsetti


Hooked on You by Rob Corsetti


Be The Bear by Rob Corsetti


Archery Bow Wing by Rob Corsetti


Easton Archery Quiver with Arrows by Rob Corsetti


Archery Wings by Rob Corsetti


Tech Train by Rob Corsetti


Hunt wild turkey by Rob Corsetti


Buck Off by Rob Corsetti


Ski Addiction by Rob Corsetti


Snow Addiction by Rob Corsetti


Board Addiction by Rob Corsetti


Crow Icon by Rob Corsetti


Winchester Man Transparent by Rob Corsetti


Captain Browning by Rob Corsetti


Captain Browning by Rob Corsetti


Winchester Man by Rob Corsetti


Hog Wild Tee by Rob Corsetti


Whitetail Skull by Rob Corsetti


Flame on buck with arrow by Rob Corsetti


Peace on Earth by Rob Corsetti


Christmas Wreath type by Rob Corsetti